The working city

The cost of living in Victoria is a vicious circle, as costs go up people leave to find opportunity elsewhere in more economically friendly cities. If we can retain our talented friends and family, we can reinvest in the city and share in the economic growth.


Advanced technology



-The IT sector is the largest generating economic force in the region, at an estimated 1.9 billion dollars a year.  



-Creative individuals, both young and old.

- Can choose to work anywhere with a dial tone.



A family friendly city.

- Provide city sponsored networking and trade show events for local firms to meet and integrate with the public  



The capital city leading as an icon of advancement. Trade shows and city backed networking.

- Mirror Naniamo's success with their e-town hall.


People don't live in great cities like New York or London because it's cheap. They live there because it’s worth the cost.

If we chose to bring more life to the city, not only can we invest in ourselves as a world class city, but also shape the future with more neighbours to share in the costs of taxes.

Win - Win

Doug Clement Photography




- The greatest demographic of charitable community members.

- Working to make the programs and community resources viable with their expertise and generously donated time.



- We must heed the past and make our mark for the future. A contributing knowledge base accrued over lifetimes and with varied careers is an invaluable asset.


There are two very distinctive paths the city can choose as we increase density:

A path where we fill our sprouting buildings with businesses, shops, and residents contributing to a vibrant city, or, a path where we stagnate with non participating investors - buying and building condo after condo, crippling affordability.