2 litres a day -  the body requires water for energy needs and waste removal. Dehydration is the leading cause of headaches. Most aches and pains can be resolved with a few extra glasses of water.


Keep track -  a reusable container with know volume adds up. It is easy to lose track, but if you have a one litre water bottle, you know once the second fill up is done you made the goal.


Coffee, herbal teas, juice, wine, etc. - Water is the greater dissolver. All other liquids are already being used to carry sugars and other molecules. The body needs water in its purest to carry away metabolites like CO2 and lactic acid.


Post treatment - drink one litre of water to flush any irritants through the kidneys and out.


Rx: Slowly increase water intake no faster than 500ml every three days until reaching 2 litres. Excessive water will wash away some vitamins and minerals. Slowly allow the body to learn to absorb and hydrate.


Contrast Bathing


Flush - alternating hot/cold repeated three times creates a miking effect that can relieve pain and irritation caused by lack of circulation. This is not recommended on strains or abrasions 


30 seconds Hot - no hotter than you would bath with. The heat vasodilates opening up the circulation to the area.


10 seconds cold - with this short of exposure ice/ice water can be used. The cold reacts faster causing the body to vasoconstrict squeezing the arteries closed. 


Increase effect -  increase repetitions of hot -cold. Do not increase temperature or time duration. The more flushes you get the more milking happens.


Rx: 30 seconds hot. Followed by 10 seconds cold. Repeated a minimum three times hot then cold.