Knowledge is Power

Here are some links to information every voter and candidate should know. Click the blue underlined title to see the link.

Vote November 15 

List of candidates - Read all the candidates profiles and attached links. Educate yourself on which candidate represents you the best so you can get behind the changes that need to happen in Victoria. Remember you do not have to vote for all categories ( Mayor, School Trustee, Council) or an entire category ( 8 Council, 9 School Trustee) . Vote for who you think will be your best representation in a balanced government.  

City Hall

Renters pay tax - Between 11% and 13% of the average rent charge in Victoria is incorporated property tax.

Mill rate - The rate in which different properties are taxed. Note how large of a contribution the business and industrial sector contribute. Be concerned when this sectors shrinks. Fear the "for lease" signage.

2014-2033 budget - Scroll down 10 pages to start to see the projected price tags. Note things like the JSB are a few million short of there actual cost. That is where your cost of living will make up for. 

Aging Infrastructure - Understand the absolute need for investment in our 100 year old cast iron pipes. Cast iron doesn't expand and shrink like steel; it cracks and bursts its contents onto the streets and into basements.  Patchwork jobs every spring and fall cost more than larger scale improvements. See page 22 of our Official Community Plan review to see the reduction in that investment.

OCP - Our official c plan. A legal requirement for every city hall to have written. Not always followed (as shown above in the review). It is an easy to read overview of the facets that are City hall.

Annual report - Possibly the prettiest report. I would emphasize reviewing page 60 and onwards. Look at how much we spend on police and community planning compared to sewers and water infrastructure.


E-town hall - Nanaimo increases public input and community planning. Victoria can play catch up once again, just like with the kitchen composting program. This link has a video if you are tired of reading.

Speed reduced roads - Page 19 and below outline feasibility. Re-read to gather current council opinion in contrast to the advise of Engineering, Staff, and VicPD.

Separated bike lanes - When separated bike lanes increase ridership, safety in commonalty increases. We don't have to separate them all. We just need to assure it is safe for all ages to cycle commute.

Transit Commission - A reader friendly walk through of the various changes to come and projections that explain why.

Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness - A progressive step for the city to address its health crisis. However there is a lack of housing for the aging at risk population. Old age homes meet the needs of geriatrics solely, and almost none are set up to handle those who are active substance users. Also see VICOT for a positive view on the progress we are making.

Have your say

Connect with me via e-mail, text, phone, message, or tweet. Stop me in the streets. I'm here to provide you with the answers you need not just the answers you want to hear. I hope I can continue to do so as your council for the next 4 years.

A successful campaign isn't won after gaining seat on council, but  with the change you can make along the way.  - Ryan Moen