A sustainable Victoria 


Ryan Moen

I have lived in greater Victoria most of my adult life. A small time spent living abroad never felt like home. Home to me is the amazing people of the city, somewhere I can share my career in health care with our community, and see myself raising a family.

I have watched my friends and family leave for affordable living in other cities. I wonder if it's fair to raise a family in Victoria only to have them up root themselves for more opportunity else where.

Im losing my home. My Victoria.

I love my career, surfing, sailing, yoga, and time with my friends, but I am among the many who won't be able to afford the costs of fiscal mismanagement and stand to lose it all.

I am a Victorian, I am the next generation, and it's time our common sense voice is heard.

Our people are our greatest asset.

Home to over 80,000 innovative and intelligent residents, the city is booming with potential. Victorians are passionate about the place we call home and dedicated to maintaining its small town sense of community. 

However, with an average voter turnout of 27% in municipal elections, our voice is under utilized and underrepresented. 

Resident involvement in decision-making is key. Not just at election time, but at every city council meeting.

My proposed solution is an accessible online platform that allows Victorians to voice their opinions with the click of a mouse or tap of a phone. Let’s all participate in the conversation. 

A common sense campaign – Your Victoria, your Voice, your Vote.


Priorities at a glance



  • As our city grows, our common voice must be heralded to steward the Victoria we need, to continue to attract active community members, and prioritize the retention of our most ambitious and creative. 


  • Create a city bike friendly enough for families to feel safe commuting on two wheels.
  • Promote pedestrian held spaces in the down town core to feed the engine of our small businesses.

Digital Representation

  • Bring our city online. Create an App for voting on the topics raised for council meetings.
  • Network our communities organizations with the public

Fiscal Expenditure

  • An open public review of spending. Go through the shopping list of services and works, and prioritize what we the city may not want or use. 





It's easy to point out the problems, and even easier to attach slogans and tag lines to them. Everyone wants housing to be more affordable, taxes to be lower, and business to be booming.

I am a Victorian - I come up with solutions. This is my city, as it is yours. This is our home, our future. It is time for all 80,000 of us to collaborate and share solutions. A resource rich city of ideas and ingenuity, that is a future I want to be apart of.


 27% percent of the city voiced by eight councilors and a mayor does not lend itself to holding the spirit of democracy.

I want to be involved in creating a council that acts on behalf of an engaged and involved city, in a way more like a think tank and research team, bridging the needs of you and your neighbours with the goals of the growing capital city.

The most important political office is that of the private citizen.  - Louis Brandeis